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The above cosmetic breast procedures were performed by Wilbur Hah MD, Triple Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Southeast Texas. Dr Hah is also listed in Consumer Research Council's America's Top Plastic Surgeons, 2010, and 2011.  We recently hosted cosmetic plastic surgeons from New York City and Houston who traveled to visit our Orange, Texas office.  These cosmetic plastic surgeons were interested in learning and watching our transumbilical weekend recovery breast augmentation techniques. From 4/13/12 through 4/15/12 , Dr. Hah was an invited instructor in an advanced breast augmentation live surgery course in Seattle Washington where  he taught 6 other cosmetic and plastic surgeons his hidden incision transumbliical (belly button) weekend recovery submuscular breast augmentation technique.

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Hidden Incision (Transaxillary or Transumbilical) Breast Augmentation Beaumont, Texas   Orange, Texas   Port Arthur, Texas   Southeast Texas also serving Lake Charles, Louisiana   Vinton, Louisiana   Sulphur, Louisiana   Southwest Louisiana

Breast Augmentation is one of the most rewarding cosmetic procedures for both the patient and cosmetic surgeon. For enhancing the shape and volume of the female breast, implants can be placed to augment the contour of one's native breast tissue.  With today's modern techniques, weekend recovery and back to office work the following week is even possible in most cases.

Choices involved during the decision making process of breast augmentation consists of 1) type of implant, 2) location of implant, and 3) where to place access incision. Each of these choices have certain advantages depending on goals one wishes to achieve.

Either saline or silicone implants can be used. FDA has approved both the Allergan and Mentor types of these implants.

The location of the implant placement can be directly under the breast gland, under the pectoralis major muscle, or under the pectoralis muscular fascia. If at all possible, we prefer to have as much of the patient's native tissue including fascia or muscle covering the prosthesis for a more natural appearance.

Access incisions can be either local to the breast or remote. Local incisions are made directly on the breast. While placing an incision on the breast tissue, these allow for direct access to the breast anatomy. Local incisions can be periareolar (around the darker central portion of the breast) or inframammary fold (underside of the breast near the breast fold.) Remote incisions certainly have the advantage of not putting an incision on the breast. However, not all cases/body builds can be done from remote location. Hidden remote incisions can be either transaxillary (hidden in hair bearing skin of armpit or axilla) or transumbilical (hidden in natural scar of umbilicus or belly button.) The axillary or umbilical approaches can be very useful to the right patient.

Dr. Hah is the only cosmetic plastic surgeon in Southeast Texas who routinely uses all 4 approaches of breast augmentation: direct approaches of making incision on the breast (periareolar and inframammary) and remote access hdden incisions of transaxillary (armpit crease) and transumbilical (belly button) .  Our practice is honored that Wilbur Hah MD was recently  listed for second successive year in America's Top Plastic Surgeons.  Dr Hah has Triple Board Certification in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, as well as recognition as Lifetime Fellow with Honors from the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery.  Several times a year, Dr Hah  is also an invited instructor at live surgery courses held by his esteemed mentor Dr Mangubat in Seattle WA  to teach advanced  breast augmentation techniques and advanced breast augmentation with breast lift  techniques to other cosmetic and plastic surgeons. 

Dr. Hah  is especially happy with the postoperative results of the transumbilical breast augmentation clients who have had this hidden belly button scar quick recovery technique done here in Southeast Texas.   You may also find useful information at  facebook  DrHah  as well as Online Review Physician Review Sites from some of our clients .  After having been selected to study in a two year cosmetic breast surgery fellowship under world recognized transumbilical expert Dr. Peter Cheski in Beverly Hills for this specialized technique, Dr Hah has been performing this quick recovery technique for many happy clients including nurses, nurse practioners,  teachers, paralegals, legal secretaries, physicians, body builders, waitresses, business owners, plant workers, and plant supervisors, as well as our mommy makeover/"domestic CEO's"

The transumbilical technique uses the belly button as the only  natural hidden  incision.   Many of these girls often go back to office type work in 2 to 3 days. Unlike its inception 20 years ago, this advanced minimal invasive quick recovery  transumbilical approach can place the implants precisely  and accurately below the pectoralis major "muscle".   After Dr Cheski pioneering many of this techniques,  he built his practice to busiest  cosmetic breast surgery practice in southern California.   He performed over 10,000 transumbilical breast augmentations, including for many  models and actresses.   Dr Hah felt very privileged to be last  cosmetic breast surgery fellow Dr Cheski trained in Beverly Hills, CA.   Dr Hah and the other members of  Amercian Society of Cosmetic Breast Society   are extremely grateful to Dr Cheski for his selfless  support and advancements to our field of cosmetic breast surgery.  

It is absolutely delightful to be able to offer the same level of technical precision for rapid recovery hidden incision breast augmentation to our Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisana gals.  Previously, this would have required traveling to and staying a few days in Beverly Hills, CA.   From a very important medical point of view,  the transumbilical technique also has been reported to have one of the lowest rate of infection as well the lowest rate of capsular contracture.  Like piloting a high performance airplane, the transumbilical technique is an advanced technique for breast augmentation that requires advanced training to master and perform well.   Just as Dr Hah felt some of most outstanding  flight  training was from USAF fighter pilots, he felt his training he received from Dr. Cheski was also on an equally outstanding level.    For the right candidate of breast augmentation, this technique does offer some very unique advantages.  We also routinely perform transaxillary and direct approach incision breast augmentation approaches as well.

Since most of our patients, if able, prefer not to have an incision on their breast, they often lean toward the hidden incision in the transaxillary (armpit) or transumbilical (belly button) approaches.  We have a large number of clients who are very happy with their armpit or belly button hidden incision breast augmentation here in Beaumont, Orange, and rest of Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisana.  

When placing silicone breast implants, we use the game changing  Keller Funnel "No Touch" technique  to minimize incision length , promote less postoperative discomfort, and  decrease risk of capsular contracture.  

Most of our breast augmentation clients take off anywhere from 2 to 5 days for their recovery.  Most girls are able to drive in 24 hours.  Depending on preference, they often return to office type work 2 to 5 days.  

Breast Lifts can have conventional incisions(Vertical or Anchor) and even the No Vertical Scar(Hidden incision in breast fold)

Breast lifting or Masteopexy is entertained for our clients who have significant drooping of the nipple and lower breast tissue, usually noticed after having children and after breast feeding.  If significant drooping is present, placing only breast implants can make the breast look very unnatural with a "Snoopy Dog Nose"  look.  Sometimes in borderline cases, a lift can be avoided by placing the implant in the subglanduar or subfascial position instead of in our  usually preferred  under the muscle position to "pop" up the nipple and breast position. 

For clients who require breast lifting, we perform traditional as well as hidden incision (No vertical scar) Breast Lifting.  Some of  our breast lifting patients add breast implants to enhance their superior breast pole fullness.  What we are gaining with breast lifting is a better breast shape, as well as a higher nipple position. The cost for that improvement in shape are the incisions on the breast. If a woman has significant breast ptosis or breast droop, a breast lift may be required to get a more pleasing breast shape as well as a higher position.  This situation often presents after having children and breast feeding. Although a more technically challenging procedure,  combining a breast implant with a breast lift in some of these clients can be very satisfying to both the surgeon and client. 

Most of our breast lift or breast lift with augmentation clients take a week off from their work.

Our staff and Dr. Hah will be happy to visit with you during your office consultation regarding these matters in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.


Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia)

Gynecomastia(enlarged or over -developed breast ) in men can be caused by hormonal change, weight gain, hereditary, certain drugs, or obesity. For clients who are interested in Male Breast Reduction, two separate 1/2 inch incisions are made to remove excess tissues. The procedure minimizes the recovery time and patient can return back to work without significant downtime( usually in 2-3 days.)


Dr. Wilbur Hah is a triple board certified plastic surgeon/cosmetic surgeon.  He has been recognized in America's Top Plastic Surgeons for performing Breast Lifting and Breast Augmentation.
His practice has been serving the areas of Beaumont, Texas, Port Arthur, Texas, and Orange, Texas as well as Vinton, Louisiana, Sulphur, Louisiana, and Lake Charles, Louisiana for over 15 years. 
He is also listed in Facebook under Dr. Wilbur Hah.